How to Solve the Support Problem?

Greetings, as-of-yet nonexistent readers.  I know this post is a day late, so I’m sorry.  I know I’m basically talking to myself at this point, but it’s important to maintain discipline.  It’s like something I imagine Jocko of the Jocko podcast would say: first you stop shaving, then that turns into not maintaining your weapon, and the next thing you know you’re slaughtering villagers.  The little things matter.

Anyway, the reason is that fantasy football draft weekend has rolled around and I have to maintain my dominance, as I have been first place in my brother’s league for 20 of the 26 regular season weeks of its existence, and I can’t let it slip.  Even though I was in first every single week and won the title last season, I could have had Devonta Freeman in the 8th round, but because I had a big problem finding a QB the year before I chose a backup instead.  And looking back on my pre-draft rankings, this isn’t even hindsight.  Just goes to show there’s always room for improvement in anything.  I’m once again drafting last though (in three years I’ve been 14/14, 10/12, and now 12/12), so tragically Antonio Brown will not be playing for me.

Back to Heroes.  As I mentioned last week, I’m 2-8 all time in draft games when playing support heroes, and 28-5 otherwise.  Something had to be done.  So instead of trying to counter the other team when I’m forced to play support, I will instead pick whoever goes best with the team I have, according to Heroescounters.

Of course, no team will have one support that fits perfectly well with it, so you have to level things down.  My current theory is that you should pick whoever fits well with the hero needing the most heals, an idea I got from this article on GosuGamers.  As they said:

“The warrior in this composition is interchangeable as long as they have high survivability and self sustain. E.T.C should be avoided, as Rehgar needs to have the majority of the heals on Sonya..”

This hero won’t necessarily be a warrior; for example I played a few games as Morales with my brother in which he picked the Butcher.  While you can’t draw conclusions from quick match, it worked extremely well, as a stim droned, unstoppable butcher mowed down everything in his path.  Much meat was had.

Unfortunately this can be a tough theory to test, because you can’t match the healer to your team composition in quick match, and in unranked you probably won’t wind up playing support.  First-picking supports just leads in invalid results as I would never do that for real.

PS Since I haven’t seen anyone in ranked go dual-support yet, I’m going to limit myself to primary healers rather than mere supports like Tyrande or Tassadar.  RIP jet plane skin, you will be sorely missed.  At least this gets me out of playing Tyrande.  I did that a few times in quick match, and those games were like opinions on presidential candidates: you either love them or you hate them.

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