The Result: Gold 2 :(

If you’ve read this blog (OK, you haven’t, but bear with me), then you know I always delay placement games until well into the season.  Even if you can win 60% of your games, each rank means you have to play eight or nine more games to get to the promised land.  Now that I’m gold 2, if I want to get diamond, it’ll take me roughly 60 games at a 60% win rate to get there.  I’m not sure I’ve left myself enough time to get there, but what the hell.

Now onto what went wrong and what went right.

Game 1: Lucio (me), Leoric, Medivh, Muradin, Tracer vs Valla, Anub’arak, Lunara, Rehgar, Diablo (Loss)

Well this was just a disaster.  I picked first, and since it was on Hanamura I broke my personal rule and went with a support.  My stats were almost exactly the same as their Rehgar’s–1-4, same damage to within 1k–but I outhealed him by 27k.  And still someone blamed me afterward.

The reasons are obvious: almost all our other picks are bad.  Medivh in a PUG?  You’re just asking for trouble.  Tracer against double tank, even on Hanamura?  Not so good.  (To be fair I suggested Tracer at first because she’s good against Lunara, but I think they last picked Valla.  No bueno).

What if instead of Leoric, Medivh, and Tracer, we had Artanis, Gul’dan, and Raynor?  It’s not like those guys get banned that much, except maybe Artanis.  Or Zarya, Nazeebo, and Tychus?  Bad picks all around.

Game 2: Anub’arak, Zeratul, Diablo, Malfurion, Kerrigan vs Raynor, Azmodan, Artanis, Uther, Lunara (Loss)

I question the Zeratul and Kerrigan picks.  Apparently, so did Diablo, because aside from the fact that this was on Braxis Holdout, the thing I remember most about it is his constant whining.  At least we could give ourselves a chance and not fight a talent down, get mercs if we can’t fight…you know, the basics.

Game 3: Anub’arak, Thrall, Rehgar, Diablo, Kael’thas vs Sylvanas, Jaina, Auriel, Leoric, Varian (win)

I feel bad for Leoric: as I’ve said before, he should be thriving in a dual-tank environment, but he just doesn’t.  I still can’t figure out why we rekt them here: it was on Infernal Shrines, and Sylvanas/Jaina seem like they would be pretty strong on it.  Maybe Leoric/Varian couldn’t protect them.  But nonetheless, we did.

Game 4: Zarya, Arthas, Gul’dan, Li Li, Zul’jin vs Artanis, Rehgar, Diablo, Nazeebo, Kael’thas (win)

I last picked Zarya instead of Anub’arak here for the shielding and it worked out great.  I don’t remember which ult Artanis picked, but Zul’jin and Gul’dan are prime targets for the orbital beam.

Anyway, their whole team got wiped when they were down a guy and a talent, but went out into the middle of the map on Cursed Hollow anyway, and as a tank I can force a fight, so I did.  Getting 3/4 their surviving heroes in my ult to finish the game was fun too.

Game 5: Zarya, Chromie, Kael’thas, Valla, Li Li vs Chen, Illidan, Artanis, Rehgar, Sylvanas (loss)

This was on sky temple, and we just didn’t have enough of a back line.  Chen kept barreling Li Li back into a crowd of enemy heroes, and nobody has enough shields to save her then.  Why she wasn’t behind me to avoid getting picked off, only she knows.  It’s always bad when they say “I haven’t played so and so in a while,” as Li Li did 😦
Game 6: Dehaka, Gul’dan, Nazeebo, Valla, Ragnaros vs Genji, Probius, Anub’arak, Malfurion, Greymane (loss)

Yeah, you read that right.  No support for our team.  I and whoever picked Ragnaros had the last two picks, but we still needed both a tank and a healer.  I offered to play either one and chose Dehaka.  He let the clock run out and took Ragnaros.  I don’t know why you’d click ready if you can’t even stay for the draft, especially when you aren’t the one banning.

It got worse from there as we had one or two AFKs for the entire game.  Gul’dan said a few minutes into the game: “no supp??”  So I asked him where he’d been.  Anyway, let’s move on.

Game 7: Dehaka, Valla, Sonya, Falstad, Rehgar vs ETC, Malfurion, Li Li, Varian, Gul’dan (win)

I thought double tank was the meta these days, but in this one they told me it was double support.  Not sure if that’s true because we beat these guys so badly that we were wondering whether they were bots or not.  I can’t remember anything else about it except that it was on Shrines.  My guess is that poor Gul’dan probably had just too much to do, and then the salt started flowing.

Game 8: Anub’arak, Nazeebo, Zarya, Valla, Auriel vs Falstad, Gul’dan, Kharazim, Varian, Arthas (win)

This game was a point in favor of the idea that the number of meta heroes a team has can predict who’ll win.  We had three to their one and won pretty easily.  They were probably all mad at Kharazim, who only had exactly 7,000 damage, and as a solo healer I’m just not a fan of his.

Game 9: Anub’arak, ETC, Raynor, Greymane, Uther vs Thrall, Sonya, Li Ming, Diablo, Zul’jin (win)

You read that right: no support again, but this time on the other team.  Cosmic justice prevails.  And that on Braxis Holdout of all places, where you’re going to need some sustain.

The new Uther gave us armor vs their physical attackers, and ETC and Raynor probably made beautiful music together.  Take that metaphor in whatever direction you want.  They were usually at the other point (or whatever it’s called), so I don’t really know what went down between them, but hey it got me a win.

Game 10: Anub’arak, Lucio, Sonya, Lunara, Nazeebo vs Jaina, Tyrande, Muradin, Zul’jin, Malfurion

The easy win on this map is another vindication.  We have four from the top tiers, while they first picked Tyrande like idiots.

All in all, another frustrating round of placement games, but I might just have to get to diamond by playing a lot of games and hope things even out in the end.

I can say with 100% honesty that none of the losses were my fault.  If the no-support games are ruled out (1-1), then I don’t know what else I could’ve done.

Lucio first on Hanamura is not a bad pick at all, and while I hadn’t played him in a while, I think I outplayed their Rehgar.  I just don’t know how you could argue it was my fault.  I think it was Leoric and pug Medivh (among other things), as I said, that did us in.

In the next game I had Anub’arak: never a bad pick unless your team already has two tanks.  But with Zeratul and Kerrigan as our assassins, they could just poke us all day long while we could do nothing outside Kerrigan’s combo.  Zeratul couldn’t even open without Raynor’s drone finding him first.

In game five, pick Arthas, Dehaka, or Sonya instead of Chromie and we win.  Is anyone afraid of Chen or a blinded (again, LOL) Illidan these days?

From now on I’m doing nothing but ranked drafts.  There are always going to be cancerous players and leavers, so you might as well just get the losses out of the way and hope for the best.  Hopefully this time next week I’ll be back in platinum.

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