Long-Awaited Return

Can’t remember the last time I updated this blog, since there’s really no chance until next season of reaching diamond.

It seems like no matter what I do, I always get placed in gold, which now that I think of it reminds me a lot of StarCraft 2.  When I finally did get diamond, it was totally unexpected.

Anyway, next season I’m going to do placements immediately and just try to brute force my way into diamond.

Quick match has been going great lately, I think I played five games today, all wins, and the first four got me MVP.  Although that one game where I was MVP as Kael’thas and didn’t even finish Convection.  It was on Battlefield of Eternity, and my second death (first one was in the first minute) was right next to my own tower, thanks to Genji.  I’m shaking my metaphorical fist at him, mentally.

But the most fun I had was as Zul’jin.  Game one was on Spider Queen against Varian, Malfurion, Nazeebo, Genji, and Ragnaros.  That’s a really annoying team to play against.  Malf will root you, Genji/Varian will block your damage, a clever Nazeebo can easily catch you in some zombies, and Ragnaros might come out ahead mano-a-mano thanks to his healing.

The only thing I could do there was hit whoever was closest to me, obviously preferring Malfurion/Nazeebo, and not chasing.  I think I eventually finished with 9/2, killing a few guys after their whole team was on the run, a few more during Taz’dingo, and sniped Malfurion when was on the other side of a wall, and he probably didn’t realize what was happening. 🙂

I also played an MVP Zul’jin on Hanamura.  What I remember most is that they had Tracer, and Zul’jin dominates her like no other 😉

The part I didn’t like is that my team gave up after a wipe that allowed the enemy to get the boss, but that merely tied it 1-1.  We then came back to win anyway as I was there with two recently respawned guys at the final payload.  Tracer can’t stop Zul’jin from advancing the payload.  No mon.

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