First Setbacks: New Strategy, or Not?

Last week, I wrote a post but must have forgotten to hit publish, so there are two posts this week.

Also, I decided to post on Sundays rather than Saturdays so I can evaluate a weekend’s worth of games right after they happen.  That said, I know it’s Monday.  Cut me some slack.  A) It’s a holiday, and B), it’s been 100 days since Harambe died.  It never gets any easier.

After last week, noticing that my draft record was 28-5 playing non-supports and 2-8 with supports, I decided to go to the friendly Heroes subreddit for some advice.  One of them seems to have a personal issue with me, even though I don’t know him,

Kid, seriously, we’re talking about 9 games played total. Why are you even using win percents? Do you think it sounds more impressive or something?

while a few others offered what they personally do, such as:

Tyrande is my highest winrate Hero in HL (not just of supports, of all heroes). I build her like an Attack Damage assassin (Marksman at 1, Focused attack at 4, ability cooldown at 7, Damage at 10, Extra healing at 13, Trueshot aura at 16, Nexus Frenzy at 20


To offer up my 2 cents, when I play as a support I specifically play only Rehgar and Kharazim. When deciding which of those I want to play the main factor between them I consider is do I need Cleanse or not. If cleanse doesn’t seem quite necessary as in your game aside from Kerrigan combo, I’d go Kharazim with Echo of Heaven for extra healing numbers against their poke and Divine Palm for teamfights. In terms of more available supports, Lt. Morales is great on BoE in sustained fights over the immortal (obviously) and with decent positioning shouldn’t be too in danger of death. Rehgar in that game doesn’t offer quite so much against their team as he will get poked down if tries to be in the frontline quickly and can’t help tank with the bruiser frontline if in the backline, Totem against Li-Ming, Sylvanas and Johanna is not as effective, and just can’t get as much sustained healing for the pokes in long fights like someone like Kharazim or Morales. So across all supports I’d probably look for healing output vs enemy team’s damage, need for cleanse, and just overall utility with your team and against theirs, but again, 2 pennies.

If it seems like I’m using other people’s posts to pad out this one, well, you’re right.  After this I only had a couple demoralizing games playing Sylvanas on Sky Temple, where all I can remember is our Stitches yoloing all the time, and Leoric on Blackheart’s Bay.  I never should have picked Leoric, even though he’s my highest level hero.  Whenever he’s facing AOE, as he was in that game against Gul’dan, Jaina, and Xul, Entomb can wind up getting your own team killed even if you hit with it.  Now I’m facing another demotion game, which is only 67 points below where I was when I got placed.  That said, I’m only 15 games in and it’s still not impossible to get diamond before the season is over.

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