2017 Season 2: so you want to get muted too?

The title was something I said to Chen in my last game (yes, someone picked Chen).  Fortunately we won, so I didn’t have to go any further than that.

Anyway, after placements, which were absolutely horrible (I think maybe 4-6), I got placed in gold 4.  Whatever.  Maybe my biggest complaint about ladder in Blizzard games is that placements are absolutely meaningless.  Several times in StarCraft 2, I won 4/5 or 5/5 placement games and got demoted anyway.

But despite being slow out of the gate, I think my record in solo ladder is 8-6 now and I’m well into gold 3.  Hopefully by next post I’ll be into plat.

Team league has also been going really well and I’m now gold 2.  We did lose a couple of games to the same group who played Diablo/Varian/Alarak/Malfurion/a fifth I can’t remember, but other than that I think I’m 12-7.

Anyway, onto the strats for this season.

Hanamura: Most people don’t know how to play this map, which has meant that I dominate on it.  The right way is to get siege/sustain.  Usually I go right for Azmodan as soon as I can get him, and failing that, Sylvanas or Nazeebo (who’s been downgraded due to the difficulty of completing his quest on big maps).

That’s what the situation was in my aforementioned dispute with Chen.  On Hanamura, Azmodan was banned but I took Sylvanas and the other team had no specialists at all.  Eventually we wiped them and took down the bottom fort; a 5-2 lead ended as a 3-0 win.  I did double the siege damage of anyone and also led in hero damage.

Other than that, Anub’arak, Falstad, Gul’dan, Valla (probably in that order) will probably be my top guys this season.  I still like Greymane but if he’s against a composition on a map where he’s likely to get zoned out that’s a real danger.

Malthael’s going alright but I’m not level 5 with him yet.

Arthas might also make an appearance.

If I’m forced to play support, it’s going to be Auriel, Malfurion (I have to learn when to take Twilight Dream), Uther, and then possibly Rehgar.  But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Anyway, time for the next game.

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