Chromie Guide

There are a lot of things going on for me right now but I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  But, ever since Heroes 2.0 came out (which basically means cosmetic changes), I’ve been playing some heroes relatively new to me and Chromie is one of them.  I think I can now count on one hand the number of Heroes I don’t own…and poor Stitches is one of them.  His being made great again is about as likely as another Vikings free week.

Anyway, Chromie: it can be pretty hard to hit people, but I’ll give you some tips.  And there are some heroes, like Genji, that she’ll find it impossible to deal with.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good game.  Anyway, on to the talents first.

Level 1: Compounding Aether (38.2%)

There’s no consensus at this tier but I think compounding aether is usually the best.  Both it and deep breathing require you to hit 25 heroes, but sand blast’s cooldown is 9.5 seconds less.  The only time I would take deep breathing is when there are a lot of stuns/roots on my team.  Otherwise you’ve got a tough road ahead.

Take timewalker’s pursuit whenever you’re facing someone invisible, and don’t forget to gather orbs for the mana regen.

Level 2: Piercing Sands (36.1%)

Most people take bronze talons here but I can’t imagine why.  If you’re up against someone that you can’t hit with sand blast or dragon’s breath, are they going to be scared by Chromie’s basic attacks?  And to fully use that talent you need to be constantly sand blasting anyway.

If Chromie is blasting a group or denying an objective, piercing sands is extra useful.  Maybe I’ll read some other guides later for the rationale behind bronze talons, but I just believe in maximizing strengths.  Timewalker’s pursuit might seem to be a violation of that rule, but at least it can save you several times a game, easily.  Bronze talons can’t do that.

Level 5: Dragon’s Eye (68.4%)

I guess you would take mobius loop (22.3%) if you took deep breathing, which means your team is loaded with stuns/roots.

Level 8: Slowing Sands (45.8%)

Almost every time I’ve taken temporal loop I’ve regretted it.  We’ve all seen it: you get to close to a Chromie, loop starts up, and you know you’re guaranteed to die.  But that only really happens when they’re running away, or you’re defending a tower and they got too close.  And you’d better be in a safe position when you cast it, because it’s tough to set up the blast/breath combo when you’re under fire.

Slowing sands, depending on the map, can mess up their entire team.  It’s kind of like roots, except that it only ends when you run out of mana: use it at choke points, or to split their team.  If it’s a wide open map, maybe then take temporal loop.

Level 13: Reaching Out Through Time (72.5%)

It’s true that Chromie just can’t get away from some heroes, like Valeera.  But that just means you need to stay near teammates and use your time traps well.  If you hearth out when your team could’ve saved you, for the purposes of that team fight, you’re dead.  Chromie is one of the few heroes that could be useful down 2-4 heroes, but I’d rather deal extra damage than abandon my team.

I’ve actually never tried time out…I should.  Now that I read what it does it’s way better than bye bye! for the above reasons.

Level 14: Shifting Sands (63.2%) 

More burst damage!  I admit I’ve been using fast forward.  I guess that’s what happens when you assume you need to activate something, and with those talents I sometimes wind up forgetting to use them.  I’m going back to sands though.  A possible 40% increase in ability power is just amazing.  It makes me wonder what I could’ve done in games where I outdamaged everyone by 40k.

Level 18: Past and Future Me (65.6%)

I’d only take andorhal anomaly in very rare cases, like if I was facing Butcher.

So, now to the general tips.

Hitting people: It’s easiest to hit people when they’re running away, so if you think they’ll start doing so in the next couple of seconds, you might want to hold off on launching something.

In a laning situation, if they’re dodging they will probably do so to the outside or towards their base, so aim accordingly.

In a team fight, you need to start running if someone’s on you.  But if they’re not, just try to focus down whoever your team is on instead of lobbing sand blasts into the crowd.  It can be tough to maintain concentration when you have to aim sand blasts every 2.5 seconds.

Butcher: if you’re up against the meat man, a time trap will stop his charge, but then he’ll just resume charging once it wears off.  You can’t get away from him, so you need to rely on your team to save you or take time out.

The best thing to do might be to stand slightly in front of your time trap so that charge hits you, and then you can get to the trap before he follows up with lamb or hamstring.  Those are your only chances to escape.

Valeera: You’ll just have to count on your team, spot her with timewalker’s pursuit, or take time out.  Even if your trap takes her out of stealth, she can close with sinister strike.

Genji: I hope your team’s around.

Well that’s it for Chromie.  If you’re in a draft you might want to stick to using her on Towers of Doom or Warhead Junction.  In a week or two I’ll have placement match results.  It’s about time since the season’s half over, haha

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