I Hate Valeera and Other Random Thoughts

I wanted to do a Valeera guide for this week, even though I hate her.  Oftentimes I hate a hero at first but end up loving them later, such as with Greymane when he was still good.  But Valeera, I just can’t figure her out.  It’s gotten so bad that teammates tell me to kill myself and I leave a couple of games a day because, honestly, being dead is more fun than playing Valeera.  So I’m going to go through the learning process I’ve had so far and maybe some trend(s) will emerge along the way.

Phase 1: One Size Fits All

The first thing I do when trying to learn a new hero is check the hotslogs.com talent page for the most popular diamond/master talents (as you might have guessed from reading this blog).  This led me to a subtlety, initiative, assassinate, smoke bomb, death from above, expose armor, cold blood build.

So then I thought “okay, I have to use ambush/eviscerate as much as I can.”

Followed by:

“Oh crap, I got revealed.  What the hell do I do now?”

“Wouldn’t cheap shot be better if the team is chasing down one fleeing enemy?”

“Wouldn’t garrote be better against a caster team?”

So right away there are several problems.  In addition to the above I also wind up laning by myself sometimes, which I’m told is bad.  OK, fine.  Some heroes are like that like Diablo or ETC.  What am I gonna do, just leave?  If there are no good soloers mid, who’s gonna switch?

OK, so don’t solo, and figure out what to do if I get revealed.  Got it.

But even before that, I don’t know how to deal maximum damage.  You’d better have your combo worked out before you attack, or you’re screwed.  You don’t want to rack up three combo points and then realize you have no energy to eviscerate somebody, during which time you’re going to die.  Or, they’re simply going to run.

Speaking of running, this is a massive problem.  Why isn’t crippling poison more popular?  It only gets picked 12.5% of the time.  What am I missing?

Just realized this now…maybe in an obvious hit and run situation, I should simply eviscerate with two combo points instead of three, even though I have the energy to ambush/blade flurry/eviscerate immediately.  With Zeratul, I’d blink in, cleave/singularity spike, and blink out.  Maybe I need to try that with Valeera, and then sinister strike away.  We’ll see.

Anyway, I realized that just now, so it’s not what led me to phase two.  All of the above had a hand in it.

Phase Two: The Specialist

I don’t read heroesfire.com hero guides that much anymore, because mostly they’re lazy talent builds and nothing more.  And even when a hero is crying out for an updated guide, I don’t expect to find a good one.  But, it was desperation time, so I read “OCM’s Valeera” where he outlined standard combos, and more specialized anti-melee and silence builds.

My first game after reading it, I came up against four auto attackers on dragon shire, so I picked the anti-melee build which involved taking combat readiness.  But it’s hard to get anything done against the dragon, especially when Hyperion is active against your fort.  It might not hit you while stealthed, but it’ll at least separate from you from your teammates.

I think I got to 3/5, a lot better than 1/9 of the game before, and then Tassadar started complaining that we were getting rekt.  Then we went four levels down.  Then, you guessed it, I just left because I don’t want to play with quitters.

All this, and I’m still not level 5.  I guess I’ll get there to recoup 5% of what I paid for her, then play unranked drafts to get ready for season 4 placement matches.  We’ll see.

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