Season 4 Strategy

To get to Diamond this season I think I need to get placed in at least mid-Platinum.  Otherwise it’s going to be a long grind, even with a high win rate, and that’s certainly no given.

The key thing that I finally learned the hard way the last time around is that playing support is no good for anyone, so I’m going to avoid it as much as possible, and the best way to do that is to pick a hero as soon as possible.  That way, nobody gets mad at you for saying you don’t want to play support at the last second.

Luckily, with everyone playing double warrior now, every support not named Lucio sucks anyway.

So anyway, onto the draft strategy.

TOP 7 HEROES (i.e., the ones that should be picked pre-ban or banned outright): Anub’arak, Dehaka, Ragnaros, Varian, Nazeebo, Sonya, Thrall

Another effect of double warrior’s popularity is that pretty much every assassin sucks now too, so you should take one of them if you get the chance.  Ragnaros and Thrall.  That’s pretty much it these days.

Sometimes the Butcher can do great things–I’ve heard that he works great with a surging Nazeebo and that’s the main reason for Malfurion being downgraded–but you have to make sure he can’t get countered.  The last person I want to face when playing Butcher is Zarya.  One thing that has worked out in his favor is that the top support doesn’t have cleanse, so lamb to the slaughter rises in effectiveness.

As long as he can get meat quickly, which means laning with as many people as possible, he should be fine, even if he’s forced to go furnace.

Thrall is another guy that might benefit from a warrior-heavy environment.  Wait until someone engages, throw down earthquake in a crowd of people who can’t run away, and have some fun.  Bonus points if you’ve gotten to level 20 and picked earthen shields.

Nazeebo is the biggest surprise.  Until yesterday, I don’t think I’d played him since 2015.  However, now that damage is in such short supply, it’s time to try to learn him again.  The worst mistake I’ve made so far is trying to do too much.  It’s extremely hard to hit someone with zombie wall, and even if you do it can be a double-edged sword and trap one of your teammates.  Even if you lower a wall like that ASAP, that can get a teammate killed.

Spider builds are all the rage, so I think the key with troll-head man is to make sure you don’t miss with them.  If you’re disciplined, it shouldn’t be hard to hit someone with spiders in environment full of lumbering hulks and immobilizing effects.

Second Tier: Diablo, Zarya

Diablo’s pretty good, but he doesn’t reach my first tier of warriors because he’s a terrible soloer.  That’s a real problem in a pug team.

Zarya’s damage is crap unless the other team hits whoever’s under the effect of a shield.  Unless it’s the Butcher, who’s going to do that now?  I think she can also be good against Tychus, as long as she throws down shield during minigun.  If he takes laser drill, you could shield its target.  He’s easily focused, and it’s tough to change the drill target when you’re running for your life…if there’s even another one in range that is.

Third Tier: The Butcher, ETC

I downgraded ETC because he’s also a terrible soloer, but even more than that, rock star doesn’t help as much without powerful auto attackers in the team.  On the other hand, he should be able to catch at least three in every mosh pit, so I might be underestimating him.  Also, he might work well with Sonya.  I just haven’t had very good results with him personally.

And meat man?  The ideal situation for him would be a map with a lot of laning time for meat gathering–which rules out dragon shire, garden of terror, and others–and an enemy who can’t cleanse.  Even then, I think getting meat is far more important.  Even if you go lamb against cleanse, slaughterhouse or using lamb against the cleanser means it can still be effective.  But from now on, I’m not going to chase for any reason until I get my meat.  Let’s see how it goes.

Top 3 things to remember for season 3:

  1. Chasing is very rarely worth it.  Don’t chase.
  2. Don’t let the enemy get between you and your base if at all possible.
  3. Anticipate the enemy’s moves better.  If you don’t see them and they’re not dead, assume they’re coming for you.  This is especially important when chasing, which you shouldn’t do anyway.
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