What Went Wrong in Season 3, Part 1

So, I’ve finally gotten around to analyzing what went wrong this season and there are some clear trends that stand out.  There’s no chance I’ll get diamond this season unless I absolutely bust my ass and also win at a pretty healthy rate, like 60%+, but I still might try to get back into Platinum.

So, the overall breakdown:

7-12 record

4-7 as support

3-5 otherwise (wins coming with Tychus, ETC, and Artanis)

If you’ve read my earliest posts you know that when I started doing unranked drafts I went something like 27-3 as non-supports and 2-8 with supports.  Going to reddit to find out why that might be, some asshole (and I mean the kind of person who gets angry at the mere suggestion that someone might draw conclusions from a tiny 40 game sample) said something to the effect of winning as support is only 40% about you.”

If your allies suck, the way to prove that it’s their fault is to pick a tank (okay) or assassin (best) because that’s the best way to grab the game by the balls.  In the future, at least in the lower leagues, I’m going to avoid picking support unless I absolutely have to.

So now let’s get to the blame game, loss-by-loss.

Game 2 loss: Brightwing on Cursed Hollow

I might have taken the wrong ult here since they had (I think) Muradin and Artanis, but that’s not what did us in.  When Falstad gusts you into an enemy tower and everyone else on the team dies, allowing the enemy to go from 13-13 in levels to 19-15 and win a few minutes later, that was probably it.

Another recurring theme in this game was boss lust.  At one point our team insisted on getting the boss, which luckily we managed to achieve without Falstad gusting us off and stealing it.  That boss did 50% damage to the top fort.  The enemy, though, just blew up our fort while we were doing this.  This is one of the many things that doesn’t make sense about boss lust.  The whole point of it is that it might destroy something, but people seem to think that a boss destroying a fort is somehow better than simply destroying it with basic attacks.

Anyway, while they were defending that, we had the brilliant idea of getting the bottom boss too.  TWO bosses!  There’s no way we can lose now!  Unfortunately we also got cursed while in the act of fighting for the boss.  That boss did 40% damage to the bottom fort.  And then we lost for the aforementioned reasons, without taking down a single fort.

Game 3 loss on Sky Temple as Kharazim: Our team first picked Murky and everyone game up.  But hey, at least I rallied the troops so that we got them down to one fort before dying.

Game 5 loss as Leoric (I forgot the map): Since we were facing Diablo, Artanis, Malfurion, and Jaina in this game, I still think Leoric was a decent pick.  He can drain Diablo’s hope, and as I always say even the terror lord can’t live without hope, and wraith walks straight out out both roots and ring of frost.

However, any plan requires that your team won’t be complete morons and get repeatedly ganked by roving heroes.  With Diablo, Artanis, and Alarak, they’re really good at picking people off, unless of course you’re Leoric, which is kind of the point.  Our Tyrande threw in the towel when levels were 9-8 and kills were 12-3.

We compounded this by going all in trying to pick off Artanis at 11-9, after which I was the only one left standing on our side.  There’s very rarely a justification for fighting at 11-9, especially going all in against a team that can force you to fight like theirs could.

This game eventually finished with kills 28-5 (I had a team low 3 deaths), and Tyrande had 21k less healing than Malfurion but only 423 more damage.  Thrall was 3-9, Tychus 1-7, Nazeebo 1-6, so I deny responsibility here.

You might argue against picking Leoric as a solo tank here, but the only better one I can think of in the circumstances is ETC, and he might have been banned.  Anyway, I’m not the reason they got ganked over and over.

Game 6 loss as ETC on Blackheart’s Bay: I picked up 5 coins from the first round of chests, but at 439 we dropped all seven of our coins on the walkway south of our mid tower.  Maybe we should’ve tried to turn in?

I can’t remember who told me, but a good rule for this map is never to try to turn in alone.  It would’ve helped a lot here.

At 7-9 in levels, I think we should fight because it’s already 0-26 in coins and once they get 10 we won’t be able to challenge them until we do the same.  This plan quickly goes off the rails when Li Li (it’s a bad sign when that’s your healer) is dicking around in the top lane instead of fighting with us and everyone dies.

I make a mistake when I later mosh Zarya far too close to their mid towers than I should’ve done.  They then get the boss and win, which will no doubt contribute to the boss lust of future teammates.

Coins turned in: 0-43

If you have Li Li and Nazeebo on your team, it’s probably going to go badly for you.

Game 7 loss as Brightwing on Warhead Junction: This was a pretty even game, but we were undone by split pushing.  We lost a fort before they did despite getting an even number of nukes.

Later on, I die taking down their mid fort because our team is (you guessed it) obsessed with the boss.  In the ensuing fight we do even things out though by killing one of theirs and making our escape.

Later on, they somehow get the boss before a nuke fight and we ignore it, which turned out to be a catastrophic decision that cost us a keep while I’m urging someone to go back and defend.

Another boss at 19-20 does us in, and our 0-9 Leoric apologizes for feeding.  I outhealed the enemy Li Li 51k-39k.

Game 12 loss as Malfurion on Haunted Mines: I wasn’t the one banning, but we let them get Ragnaros.  That’s not good.

Zeratul said he had something in the oven and was afk for a bit.  That’s not good either.  Artanis claimed the game kept dropping him.  Further badness.

The main thing to remember about this one is that people were constantly mad at Sylvanas for split pushing, but at least she’s great at it.  Maybe they were looking to deflect blame from their own AFKness, I don’t know.

In the end, the entire team wipes right before mines start up trying to go for a merc camp, and this enables a 17-20 level deficit.  We don’t make it through this.

This is the first example of Artanis trying and failing to solo tank.  I personally think he’s severely overrated in the lower leagues.  Solo tanking isn’t his forte.  Turning a victory into a slaughter is where he excels, but his damage is basically trash.  If he’s not consistently making plays with warp prism, you’re going to have a rough time.  Speaking of which, he went 1-8.

There are a half dozen more games on which I’ve taken notes to cover, but I’ll leave that until another post tomorrow (which at this point is technically today).

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