The Dream is Dead

Well, the dream of reaching diamond this season is already dead.  I got placed in gold 1, of all places, after a disastrous 5-5 series of placement games.

After this, I’d have to play 300 games with a 55% win rate to get diamond.  I’m not even going to bother.

And since then things have only gotten worse with a 2-7 record.  The ensuing post-mortem I was going to do has to be postponed on account of lack of time to go through the dozen losses by my usual posting day of Thursday.  It’s mainly for myself (like this blog), but maybe I can find out what I did wrong and what I did instead.  Or did I just get bad teammates?

No doubt I made mistakes, and they’ll be covered.  But the teammate that first picked Murky isn’t my fault.  The whole team getting wiped by a Falstad gust on Cursed Hollow isn’t my fault either, nor is their decision to re-engage down a talent and then blaming me for picking the wrong ult (Blink Heal instead of Emerald Wind), which maybe I did.

But then, someone else pointed out that I had the same amount of healing as the other team’s healer, and blamed Raynor/Diablo for dying too much.  So I think that whatever mistakes I made, when even neutral parties don’t agree with my being scapegoated, were relatively minor.

So I’ll end this mini-post by pointing out the obsession our Raynor had with the boss in that game.  Boss lust is a recurring theme that I’ve talked about several times.  The first boss we took resulted in us getting cursed, as the other team went for the tribute instead.  It did 50% damage to the top fort, while our own top fort was destroyed.

We then went for the bottom boss and got that too.  Two bosses everyone!  There’s no chance we lost that game now, right?

It did 40% damage to the bottom fort.

Levels were 13-13 when Falstad wiped us.

A few minutes and several accusations later, levels were 19-15 and we’d lost the game.

If only people would obey me. 🙂

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