It’s Finally Time

So it’s finally time to do placement matches this weekend.  I thought I might have to learn Zul’jin, but on that subject Tentonhammer said “I think he’s brilliantly balanced right now.”  Apparently ‘brilliantly balanced’ means ‘there are at least 33 heroes clearly better than him.’  At least he’s better in quick match.

Anyway, the only relevant changes from last week are that Chen got demoted while Artanis took his place in the tier just below Malfurion.

Gul’dan being the only good mage left might seem like no big deal, but I think it could create a whole ripple of changes.  Off the top of my head, here’s some trends that could emerge.

  • Anub’arak has become the best anti-mage tank, but nobody cares because mages suck now.  RIP buglord.
  • Since almost all assassins are auto-attack now, ETC and his Rock Star effect become even more powerful.  Maybe he’ll rejoin Malfurion at the top.
  • Since Li Li can blind said auto-attackers, maybe she’ll see more action.  (Just kidding).
  • Kharazim and his Earth Ally becomes a very interesting option, especially with Seven-sided strike against tank-heavy compositions when Tychus is unavailable.
  • Muradin might now be seriously underrated.  It just got harder for him to get picked with Artanis being good again though.
  • Speaking of Artanis: he can blind a huge area for a long time, and the people in it will be crippled?  Yes please.
  • Rehgar was already back, which didn’t make much sense to me, but now Bloodlust is picked 80.8% of the time and I can see why people like him again.
  • Will there be a Morales comeback, since more people can now take advantage of Stim Drone?  I doubt it since Bloodlust is probably better and I personally hate the grenade nerf, but it could happen.
  • Tychus is even more important, since the shortage of good assassins could mean more tank-heavy comps, and Tychus is kryptonite to those.
  • Raynor’s a good anti-Diablo pick, I hear.  So Jimmy’s back.
  • With all that beef out there, it’s a tough time to be Zeratul.
  • Ragnaros is still the most popular hero out there.  Huh?
  • Valla still good.
  • Hammer demoted, which is good.  Hammer’s like the canary in Heroes’ coal mine.  If she’s good, you know the game’s pretty boring right now.
  • I can’t understand Johanna’s demotion.  I guess blind isn’t enough to become a top warrior, even against auto-attackers.
  • Stitches still sucks.
  • Murky still irrelevant.
  • Uther now trash tier, even lumberjack Uther.

Anyway, from my unranked drafts it seems like I’m going to be playing a lot of Malfurion, which is fine with me.  Time to calmly drop mules, have antlers, and not much else.

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