Racism Is Over

Taz’dingo, fellow nerds.  The almost entirely hypothetical reader of this blog is probably in the northern hemisphere, where it’s pretty cold outside right now.  The trees are leafless.  If you go outside, you keep your face down to shield yourself from the cold.  But a couple days ago, what was that?  It seemed like the birds were singing again.  It didn’t get dark before you got off from work.  Then you logged on to Heroes and it was confirmed: Zul’jin.  Years of Blizzard’s anti-troll racism had finally come to an end.

As a young troll starting life in WoW’s Valley of Trials–that’s right, even though Darkspear village existed right down the road, Blizzard wouldn’t let trolls start there–I’ve been waiting a long time for this day.

Unfortunately, according to hotslogs, Zul’jin’s deeply unpopular and his win rate is only 47.8%, even though he’s brand new.  I feel like I just got a participation trophy.  Let’s switch gears.

There’s been some movement on the Tier Lists lately.

  • ETC and Ragnaros have been demoted and Malfurion once again stands alone as the clear best hero, despite neither one of them having been nerfed.  I just don’t get the list sometimes, but it seems to get results for me and the changing ranks keep the game from getting stale.
  • I never really liked Ragnaros that much, so now I can put in less effort trying to learn him.  His poke is easily dodged, and using his other abilities requires a dangerous commitment.  And this is after I took a 2-12 Illidan’s advice and really improved my game.  “You only have 4 stacks of Sulfuras, you don’t know how to Ragnaros.”  Even though he was a bad Illidan he was right there.  I’d forgotten that Sulfuras Smash (or whatever his Q is called) does area damage, greatly speeding up completion of Empower Sulfuras.  He remains the most popular hero though.  I guess I’ll take him if I have to.
  • Speaking of Ragnaros, “He’s good, but nowhere near as good as Thrall,” says Tentonhammer.  A quick check of the patch notes and there are no Thrall buffs.  And so I’ve been practicing Thrall lately before my holiday stimpack wears off.  At least he has a poke and an escape, both of witch I like.
  • RIP Li-Ming: “Why take her in a sustain meta over Gul’dan, Jaina or Kael’thas?  Her win rates are also fairly poor right now.”  Well, I can’t argue with Gul’dan, but what are Kael’thas or Jaina bringing to the table in terms of sustainability?  At least Li-Ming had Astral Presence or Power Hungry.  But, either way, she was already weak on maps like Infernal Shrines or Haunted Mines where minions could get in the way of her pokes.  I guess if I need a mage and Gul’dan isn’t around, I’ll still pick her though.
  • I’m gonna do placements soon since multiple MVPs in one session are nothing unusual lately, but I’m also gonna watch some recorded streams first for a change of pace…and to see if I can predict what the streamer will do using the rules I’ve mentioned on this blog.  Sure, no pug team is going to have a well-known streamer’s coordination, but at least I’ll know that what I’ve been telling people to do wasn’t far off the mark, and that the problem was my team, not me 🙂
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