Big Shakeup at the Top

So it seems like the verdict is in on Ragnaros, and it’s that he’s one of the top three heroes in the game.  But before I get to that, I’ll cover other changes in the hero rankings.

ETC is now the top warrior in the game once again, without question.  I don’t really understand how this could have happened, given that he was nerfed in the most recent patch and his talent rework was three months ago in September.  It wasn’t due to nerfs to other warriors, either.  Johanna stayed the same and still fell out of the second tier, Chen stayed the same and kept his spot, while Tyrael saw his best ability nerfed and yet moved up.

The only explanation there could be is that the meta has changed, but to what, I don’t know…double warrior maybe?  That might explain the Tychus’ rise last patch, as well as Tyrael moving up while soloist Muradin is now, according to this list, pretty much irrelevant.  Whatever it is, sticking to the list means at the very least playing heroes I’ve never played before or haven’t played in a while, and as long as I can get a decent rate I’ll trust it.

Three more things before I wrap this post up:

  1. The losers for this season.  RIP Kerrigan, you’re too predictable now and can only clean up against noobs.  RIP Lunara, you just don’t have what it takes anymore, though I hear you still wreck Ragnaros.  RIP Butcher, you were good for about a week.  Adios Varian, I never liked you.  Dunno why.  And Hammer…have you ever seen something and thought “aw geez, not this shit again?”  Well, that’s Hammer.  Since they ripped Falstad apart, I might have to play Chromie again because you can’t just let a Hammer pick go unpunished.  Gotta be on the lookout for the warning signs of a Hammer team (e.g., Morales, ETC, a lack of poke on your own team).
  2. The winners: I like Gul’dan in principle, as I have a soft spot for anyone with good poke and/or sustain, but I tend to play too cautiously with him.  I’ll have to buy him now that he’s apparently the only decent mage besides Li Ming now, and clearly better on a map like Infernal Shrines.  Rehgar and Kharazim have returned to relevance, which could be interesting.  I always stayed away from supports like Malfurion because his healing just wasn’t high enough to make up for his low damage.  Diablo got buffed too, but he’s the same terrible-at-soloing, relies-on-positioning guy he’s always been.  Just better at it now.
  3. I just bought Ragnaros, and I really wanted to like him.  Check out that win rate: 61.1%.  97.6% (!) popularity.  Banned 2.5 times more than any other hero.  But since he’s already been nerfed, I haven’t seen any really great Ragnaros players to emulate.  It seems like when I’m in a mirror match, they’ll do a lot more damage than I will, but my KDR will be better.  At least until the game ends, that is.  I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong, aside from leaving my teammates too much.  I’ll have to find a good replay to fix things quickly if I’m going to rely on him this season.

OK I lied.  One more thing.  Apparently Blizzard officially declared Tracer a lesbian recently.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “Tracer wasn’t even on my top 5 list of probable lesbians in the Blizzard universe.”  Johanna.  Hammer.  Sonya.  Chromie (or maybe just Chromie’s hair).  Zarya.  This is the least believable thing I’ve ever seen in a Blizzard game, and I’m so old that I remember some crazy developer thought Night Elf vs Orc on Turtle Rock was even remotely fair.

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