End of Season 2, Ragnaros, and Not Much Else

It’s the end of season 2.  The time where you get a shiny new mount as a reward for all that time you spent playing Heroes.  In my case, a lion.  Unless you’re playing Brightwing, Lunara, or even worse, Falstad.  RIP pirate skin.  You were fun until Falstad was murdered.

Anyway, Ragnaros has been unleashed on us and I just can’t figure out how good he is from the statistics.  He gets banned the 12th most often (even less than Falstad), but is in the lower half of popularity according to hotslogs.  Then again, his win rate is by  far the highest.  But I’ve been playing so long that I can remember when hotslogs said the top five heroes by win rate were Vikings, Murky, Anub’arak, Jaina, and Sgt. Hammer, so who knows what’s real on this timeline?

BTW, if you ever see someone saying ‘hotslogs is wrong,’ get them to direct you to the real stats that only they know about.  That might be the case, but what proof do they have?

In case you can’t tell, I’m struggling for topics this week.  Despite the new hero and the patch, there hasn’t been any movement in the tier list.  Ragnaros hasn’t been evaluated yet though.  If we are in a wave clear meta, then he might be OP with his ability to destroy an entire wave of minions.

For my part, I’ve just bought Varian since his price came down.  First game, I was 6-12 and told I was dead weight; by the third I was breaking even.  I don’t think he’ll ever be a first pick for me, but he’s worth learning.

I just realized that ETC’s talents had been changed since I left him for dead months ago.  As I expected, stage dive is now chosen nearly as often as mosh pit.  The seemingly endless list of counters to mosh convinced me to look elsewhere for a warrior rather  than take stage dive and get a world of shit from my team, but the bigger the maps get, the more powerful it becomes.  And as I found out the hard way, it can also devastate people like Tychus, who will be brought in against multi-tank comps and needs to stay in the back lest he get easily focused.

So the plan this week: learn Varian, try to improve my Malfurion, get a refresher on ETC and possibly Dehaka.  Murky still unplayable. 😦

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