Cautiously Optimistic

So the season is only five days from ending.  Even though I regressed this season, with the changes put forth in the last post my win rate seems like it’s gone way up in both quick match and unranked.  I just got three straight MVPs as three different heroes, which is nice, as well as two consecutive games in which nobody on my team died at all.  So I’m hopeful for next season.

Speaking of which, it’s amazing how many dumb things you notice people doing when you keep an eye out for things like fighting outnumbered or fighting down a talent tier.  Or defending the base 1v5 and getting killed.  You’re better off going to a distant lane and pushing minions back, I think.

Of course we’ve all made mistakes.  In my last game I was in the dragon and kicked Stitches just after he’d devoured Chromie.  I just couldn’t stop myself.  They landed in possibly the worst spot in the base from which to escape: in keep range, next to a keep whose gate had not yet been destroyed.

I felt so guilty that I went over and started fighting heroes with the dragon, which isn’t as bad a move as it sounds I think: attacking structures is sometimes suicidal.  And besides, it seemed like that Chromie was going to lose her shit.  Even if it was just a mistake and we should simply get on with the game and win, the human element sometimes forces your hand.

Anyway, there’s just been a balance patch, so some thoughts on various heroes.

Brightwing, Falstad: Poor Falstad just can’t catch a break.  Global mounts have just been nerfed with an extra 10 second cooldown.  This definitely hurts Falstad more.  He didn’t have as much sustain and was already a fringe pick.

Auriel, Morales: According to the tier list, pretty much every support is now trash.  Malfurion stands alone at the top of all heroes now that Varian has been nerfed.  At my level though, it seems like he gets banned the most often by far (hotslogs says Samuro/Varian get banned most overall, but Samuro doesn’t scare me aside from Bladestorm).

Morales’ grenade nerf was devastating in my opinion.  In the good old days of effective grenades, you simply had to aim and fire.  Now that they demand manual detonation, I think their reliability is well under 50%.  It’s extremely tough to time them correctly up close.  They may become a double-edged sword and blast the pursuing melee hero towards you, or do absolutely nothing.  The possibility of knocking a fleeing enemy hero back towards a pack of allies is nowhere near enough compensation.

So, I’ve had to turn to Auriel and the results have been great so far, especially with the talented blind.

Zarya: As with most heroes, I hated Zarya at first.  This happens all the time and sometimes they end up becoming my favorites, e.g. Lunara or Greymane (RIP).  Now she’s crap again.

What the hell is she good at?  Like a glorified lesbian Murky, she can clear waves, but brings nothing else to the table aside from a few long-cooldown moves that are easily countered.  Don’t hit the shield, and Zarya’s basically a paperweight.  Truth be told I’d also trade either of Zarya’s ults for Octograb, and the connection to fish is now making me uncomfortable.

ETC: ETC has made his way back up the tier list to playability, but I always thought he’s too easily countered.  You picked him early?  Congratulations, you’re now facing five enemies with stuns or displacement effects.

Poor guy.  All he wants to do is dance, but he can only dance alone.


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