Tough Times for Bearrorism

If you are among my imaginary readers, then you noticed that there was no post last week.  Sorry about that.  I got sick for a couple of days, played even fewer games than usual, and then things got even worse…no post from me.

It’s been really tough lately.  My record, which had been hovering slightly above 50%, has now dropped to 50% exactly.  On top of that I’m facing a demotion game back to Platinum 4, although I expect to win it and/or get back to Platinum 3 easily.

My goal was to win 60% of games, and then there’d be enough time to get to Diamond by the end of the season.  I’ve never had that rate in quick match, but the winner in quick match is almost always the team with the best composition.  And of course some heroes are better in quick match than others, and I would have picked them if my win rate there was important, rather than learning new heroes or getting gold.

So what’s gone wrong?  To reach my goal, I only would have had to win 4 games that I lost, for a 24-16 record.  And most of the time, if there’s an obvious weak player, it’s not me.  There are a couple of games I can think of that were my fault, and it usually involves dying too much as an assassin.

One of them was as Tychus while playing on a two-support team, in which I was the only assassin.  The other team went right at me, knowing that our comp could only delay the inevitable.  Run and Gun can only do so much.

The other time I only vaguely remember, but it was as Lunara on Cursed Hollow.

At a time like this I think maybe I should get going in quick match again, and then take that confidence into hero league.  At least Thanksgiving is coming up, and there’ll be more time for games.

I’ve also improved in banning, I think.  If the other team doesn’t pick a healer early, they’re pretty vulnerable to a ban there because there are so few elite supports these days.  The one recent time I got to ban, I picked Malfurion and Morales and they wound up with Kharazim, who didn’t seem like he was really into it, and we rolled them.

Speaking of supports, this might also be a time for a Tassadar comeback.  With Varian getting banned now, it’s possible that Samuro might actually see some Hero League action.  Unfortunately, Tassadar gets rekt by Varian, but if you let the enemy get both him and Samuro you’ve done something wrong…like taking a bathroom break during the ban phase.  Yeah, you guessed it, that happens.  They didn’t end up with those two though.

I think going forward I’ll take a look at Tentonhammer’s guide to getting Grandmaster, and maybe my own commandments from an earlier post, and see where I’m faltering.  Worst case, I end up in Platinum yet again.  But if I get one hot streak going I might be able to do this.

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