This is going to be a really short post this week.  I’m about where I was last week, except maybe 400 points lower in Platinum 3.  It was a perfect storm of shit.  Off the top of my head, I was on a team where our Illidan banned Auriel instead of Tychus even after we went double tank and begged him to do so.  Earlier today I had a first pick Nova on my team, who wound up going 6-9.  The other team went for double tank, which must be pretty damn amazing against Gul’dan, who went 1-10.  Me?  I went Leoric against Muradin/Diablo/Jaina/Kerrigan/Malfurion, and went 3-3.  Nobody else even came close to breaking even: we also had a 3-6 Raynor, which seemed a good pick on paper, and an 0-8 Morales who kept taking the plant on Garden of Terror.  I think the tank should get it every time because the plant’s role is most analogous to the tank’s, but the medic beat me to it.

This was actually an intriguing setup: double tank vs solo tank.  Nova was telling me to dive Malfurion, but I think the right move was to slow their tanks while punishing them with a fully-talented drain hope.  And as I said far too often back when I played Leoric, you can’t live without hope.

Leoric’s builds have changed quite a bit even without a major rework.  At level 1, Reanimation used to be dominant; now it’s Hopelessness.  At level 4, Fealty Unto Death was all the rage when Leoric came out, then Hardened Bones, but now Willing Vessel gets picked nearly 60% of the time.  It’s the same with the level 7 and 10 tiers.  It’s just amazing how there hasn’t been a consistent, clear consensus despite mostly static talents.

In another random thought, Zarya is the most boring hero in the game and I wish I could get a refund.

For her first ability, grenades, that are only really good against minions.  OK, so I guess she’s a poor man’s Johanna now.

For the other two, shield yourself and shield a friend.  If you can’t trick the enemy into hitting you the first time your shield goes up, you’re basically a walking piece of crap.  You can’t do damage, your shield won’t be back for 12 seconds, and even your ults are basically the same.

It’s like the developers said “hey, let’s use the same animation, but one ult pulls people in, the other pushes them away.”

“Genius!  Now make it a lesbian and let’s all go home.”

Playing Zarya feels like playing a Leoric whose swing can’t slow and who can never hit with Drain Hope.  So sad.  In fact, now I know what it feels like to be on the other end of Drain Hope.

And you can’t live without hope.

(Couldn’t resist).

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