GG, or: “I’m Giving Up, and You Have to Know About It”

Yet again, I’m procrastinating on doing my placement matches for this season.  I know the reasons behind it are mostly excuses.  “Since I got placed in Platinum 1 after only 42 draft games all-time, my goal of Diamond for this season must be right around the corner, right?  I’ll just get Kerrigan to 9, then Li-Ming to 9, now Morales…better wait on my new computer as well to clear up my lag issues.”  There’s some benefit in all of those things, but deep down I guess I think something isn’t going to work out in some irreversible way if I do it now, like ruining my MMR or something.  So I don’t have any action reports this time.  Instead, a rant: Why I hate when people say gg.

It all started when people saying ‘gl hf’ at the beginning of Starcraft 2 games became the norm.  I just ignored them or said ‘ahoy,’ since, as I said on zp’s stream once (and he repeated), “why begin the game with lies?”  I don’t want you to win.  I don’t care if you have fun, because if you did that probably means I played badly and/or lost.  That’s competition, right?  And the people that insisted on it were often the ones that said ‘omfg fuck you play a real race protoss so op’ before leaving.  I don’t want insincere etiquette rules, I just want to play.  SJWs weren’t a thing I knew about back then (those were the days), but this reminds me of them.

Fast forward to Heroes.  Snowflakes can’t handle taunting, nor can they learn how to block people, so chat with the other team both during and after a game is verboten.  To be fair, at least Heroes games have more action than DOTA 1 did, where the winner would be obvious sometimes half an hour before the actual end of the game, and there’d be nothing left to do but type “FOR ALLAH” as you suicided your Techies over and over again.  But out of habit, people keep saying gg.  Why?  How many times have you seen your team then make a comeback after someone capitulated with ‘gg’ inside of ten minutes, only to come up just short?  I think people could improve their win percentages by around five percent if they just didn’t give up.  Giving up like that means you stop doing the little things.  You don’t take mercs as aggressively.  You take bad fights.  If there’s a chance to kill a badly positioned enemy, you don’t go after it.

Whipping these people back into line has to be a part of my ‘tell people what to do’ strategy from earlier posts.  Obviously, I want to tell them they’re morons, but I know that a kinder, gentler approach is necessary.  In that situation, I think an immediate win can get those people focused on the fight again, no matter how small.  Get a merc camp, or maybe destroy the enemy mercs without losing a fort, or catch up to a level 10 enemy team without losing a fight.  Then point out you’ve come back from worse and go from there.

The earliest I’ve seen someone give up was at level 2 (!).  Though I can’t remember his name, he was playing Diablo on Blackheart’s Bay, but we won.  And in a more recent game, our Hammer threw in the towel  when we were down 10-8 at the 8 minute mark, then again when we lost 4/5 (only I survived) with 24 minutes on the clock…and we won.  And Hammer pretended that saying ‘gg’ then meant he knew we were gonna win all along.  Oh well.  If you’re gonna play with idiots, at least make it worthwhile and get a win out of it.

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