Experiment Results: Victory

The results of the last post’s experiment are in, and it was an unqualified success.  Out of 30 games, I won 22.  Things look even better when you consider that I lost three of the first five games (which is when I adopted my new strategy), and a couple of the remaining five losses can be blamed on complete morons (more to come).  So in other words, the new strategy went 20-5.  Onward to ranked.

The hero-by-hero breakdown of how things went, and a few random insights:

  • Brightwing: 2-2
  • Falstad: 4-3
  • Diablo: 1-0
  • Chen: 1-0
  • Zeratul: 5-0
  • Muradin: 1-1
  • Johanna: 2-0
  • Kael’thas: 2-0
  • Tyrande: 0-1
  • Leoric: 1-0
  • The Butcher AKA Meat Man: 3-1

Lack of Hero Variety: Looking back, I’m surprised at how little hero variety there was under this new strategy, and going forward there will probably be even less, maybe just eight heroes.

In the one Diablo game, I picked him first for reasons I can’t recall and got a lot of heat for it (though we did end up winning).

I took Chen because we needed a tank and the other team has Li Ming, Falstad, and Xul (all of which fear him), but they also had Chen’s worst nightmare, ETC, and nobody else on our team could stop mosh.  A troll had thrown me off my game, saying he was going DPS Brightwing when we had first-picked Malfurion (!) and I forgot about Chen’s ETC problem.  We nonetheless won anyway when I stopped several moshes with barrel and stole the boss by knocking everyone off the objective.

I heard Tyrande was good on Battlefield of Eternity because Hunter’s Mark gives her team the edge in dealing damage against the immortal.  Problem is, I’m not that great with Tyrande and the other team just beat us in every fight.  I wouldn’t say that was all my fault, but I’m not picking her again anyway.

Zeratul: Going into this I didn’t know who I’d be playing since I was letting heroescounters pick for me, but Zeratul was the biggest surprise.  Everyone seems down on him since the nerfs to void prison range, talent changes, and whatnot.  But according to HC he’s the worst nightmare for Chromie, Falstad, Sylvanas, Valla, and Zagara, and in the top six for Gul’dan, Jaina, Kael’thas, Li Ming, Morales, Murky (lol), Nazeebo, Rexxar, Tychus, Tyrande, and Vikings.  I wouldn’t first pick him, but the idea that he’s a mid-to-late round counter against those heroes has held up so far.

The Butcher AKA Meat Man: I wound up playing him to counter people like Kerrigan, Lunara, and Cho’Gall.  The one loss out of four was when our Chen said that Chen’s isn’t that good offensively, I disagreed, and he lost his shit.  My strategy then is just to mute or ignore people, and we nearly won, but a wipe just outside the enemy walls on Eternity doomed us.

Losses: Of the five losses with this strategy, a couple were due to wipes.  I now think that’s probably the worst thing you can do in this game, so I value disengages more now.  And what leads to wipes?  Going for the boss when the enemy doesn’t have at least two dead for the next twenty seconds.  Or, bad engages: when they’re higher level than you, you’re outnumbered, or their mana situation is much better than yours, e.g. they all just resurrected so watch those death timers.  You know, the obvious things that a lot of people don’t seem to think about.  We’ve all done it though.

One Falstad loss was due to a team of complete morons on Spider Queen.  When your team is down 10-7 six minutes in, it’s not the low-damage-but-one-death Falstad’s fault, it’s your feeding.  If I hadn’t been up top collecting gems, marksman stacks, experience, and not dying, we wouldn’t have been anywhere close.  But blame who you have to.

Another Falstad loss: we got rekt on Garden when I first picked the flying dwarf-parrot and we wound up with a team of him, Artanis, Leoric, Li Li, and Sylvanas, against Illidan, Medivh, Raynor, Morales, and ETC.  Johanna, for example, would’ve been great against them.  Just a bad composition.

There were only a couple of games where I had a negative KB/death ratio but we still won: one as Diablo and another as Kael’thas.  Then again, I wasn’t nearly as bad in those two as the team on Spider Queen was.  Maybe it’ll all even out in the end.

The Future: Obviously, you can’t counter someone when you first pick, so in case Falstad and Kael are banned I’m going get back to playing Kerrigan/Jaina.  I bet that at the higher levels people would rather pick Kerrigan than Zeratul or the Butcher even when you know the enemy’s composition, but for now this strategy is working so I’ll see what happens.

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